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The MLB Preparedness Journey begins with SMC's comprehensive emergency action plan review. SMC performs a review of your current emergency action plan and provides feedback and action items for your medical team to consider.

During this process we specifically look for:

Essential EAP elements:

These are emergency action plan components that SMC has found to result in measurable improvements in medical team performance.  We have developed this list of essential elements based on simulation testing here in our Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Center and from data collected during years of sports emergency care simulation-based training.  We are NOT looking for specific actions or tasks to be completed at specific times under every condition or scenario.  Rather, we look to see that essential elements and completion of critical care tasks are accounted for in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner.


League Requirements:

A strong relationship with MLB emergency action plan officials gives us the information we need to make sure your emergency action plan is in compliance with all current league requirements.


Emergency Response Resources and Allocation:

We review the document to ensure that it is venue specific and accounts for appropriate resource allocation under event day, regular season practice, and training camp perspectives.


Protection from Legal Liability:

We review the document to ensure that the language is written in a manner that provides guidance, but also protects from exposure to negligence.  We are not attorneys, but we do have a sense of what your legal team will be looking for so we can set you up for a quicker turnaround from your legal team.

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