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Core4  Experiences


SMC Experiences Impact Lives

Your brain will NOT rise to the occasion. You must rely on experience to perform in an emergency. Explore the Core4® Experiences below and contact SMC today to plan your Core4® Experience!

About Core4

SMC’s Core4® Approach Transforms Skilled Medical Providers Into Life-Saving Medical Teams

There is a fundamental difference between SMC’s Core4® Experiences and typical practice and basic emergency response programs. SMC’s Core4® Experiences use full-scale simulation to create a true-to-life environment in which interdisciplinary medical teams collaborate and discover ways to improve. Other programs focus on basic critical care skills. SMC’s Core4® focuses on four core elements that are known to impact lives; organization, leadership, collaboration, and clinical decision-making. SMC’s Core4® approach transforms skilled medical providers into life-saving medical teams.

All Core4® Experiences are available on-site or at SMC's Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Center. Private and affordable open enrollment hosting options are also available.

Core4   Fundamentals


Core4® Fundamentals Is an 8hr hands-on program that uses demonstration, practice, and simulation to provide a training experience that emphasizes practical application of 4 core emergency action planning essential elements, including:​

1. High-quality BLS prior to the arrival of EMS
2. Integration with EMS
3. Management of protective athletic equipment
4. Resource allocation

Core4   Plus


SMC’s Core4® Plus is an advanced 4hr simulation experience that focuses on 4 critical life threatening conditions, including:

1. Cervical Spine Injury
2. Isolated Head Trauma
3. Truncal Trauma
4. Cardiac Arrest / Arrhythmia

Core4   Flex


The Core4® Flex experience allows for flexibility to meet the specific needs of medical team providers.  Medical teams may elect to add additional simulation to the Core4® or select other sports specific emergency care topics from SMC’s vast library simulation experiences.  Some of the more popular flex options include heat emergencies, asthma/anaphylaxis, fracture/dislocation, bleeding, and mental health emergencies.

Core4  Lite


The CORE4 Lite program utilizes advanced simulation, true-to-life injury scenarios, and comprehensive debriefing

strategies to provide healthcare professionals with an educational experience that focuses on essential cognitive elements and skills necessary to effectively manage the critically injured athlete. The program features instructor led demonstrations and simulations, patient simulators, and instructor-led debriefing activities through an online platform.

Core4   Student Capstone


SMC’s Student Capstone Experience creates critical injury environments in which students experience what it is like to have to apply everything they have learned to collaborate and make clinical decisions as part of an interdisciplinary medical team performing in the unique and demanding athletic environment.

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