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When faced with sports’ worst moment, your brain will not rise to the occasion.  Only your experiences can impact the moment.  Routine practice sessions, traditional EAP rehearsals, and walk-through reviews are simply not good enough.  SMC’s Core4® Experiences Impact Moments™.

SMC’s Core4®

SMC’s Core4® is a 4 hour program that provides experiences that will help your medical team impact the moment.  Our Core4® includes full scale emergency response simulations to help prepare your entire interdisciplinary medical team at an organizational level, including your ATs, PTs, Docs, and EMS.  SMC’s Core4® program focuses on sports specific simulation experiences in:


with Hypotension

Arrest / Arrhythmia

Cervical Spine Injury

SMC’s Core4® Flex

The Core4® is the foundation of SMC training that provides sports specific experiences.

The Core4 Flex® options allow medical teams to customize their experience with value added services to meet their specific training objectives.  SMC’s Core4 Flex® options include:

  • Additional injury simulation experiences, such as Heat Stroke / CWI, Fracture/Dislocation, Bleeding, Anaphylaxis, and more. 

  • EMR requirements for the APTA sports specialty certification

  • CPR training

  • Organizational support to help reduce the burden of EAP preparation.

The SMC Staff

No other training option can come close to SMC’s proven approach and dedicated staff.  The Elite Sports Emergency Care Training  Center is home to vast resources and an unprecedented effort to produce experiences that have a measurable impact on medical team performance and critical injury outcomes.  Other organizations use ad-hoc personnel that can’t even pretend to offer the practical expertise of the SMC staff.  Our staff understands the unique needs of medical personnel operating in the high profile athletic environment because we also do it every day as part of SMC's very own sports medicine provider team.  No lab techs, single-discipline tunnel vision, or ivory tower approaches to be found at SMC.  We develop and prove out training experiences that are real and have a measurable impact during sports’ worst moment; it is our mission.


Since 1995 the country’s most demanding medical teams have relied on SMC to provide a safe environment for interdisciplinary medical teams to collaborate and discover ways to improve their approaches to emergency care in the unique and demanding athletic environment.

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