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Star Event @ Avon, NY (11/17)

This program will focus on hockey player and goalie specific equipment and hockey related concerns. This is a 2 hour event designed to create a space for EMS and Athletic Trainers to collaborate. EMS and Athletic Trainers will have the opportunity to work alongside each other to practice various equipment removal techniques, patient handoff and other vital responsibilities to ensure that the best patient care is provided for our athletes. This program is eligible for 2 Category A CEUs for the Athletic Trainer.

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CPR Skills Session @ SMC - Avon, NY (12/8)

This course is the hands-on skills session conducted by an American Heart Association Training Center instructor. The online portion must be completed prior to arrival for this session. Students who successfully complete the online course AND the skills session, will receive a Basic Life Support CPR Course Completion card, valid for two years. Students must register at least 3 days prior to the course, walk-ins will not be accepted. Contact us if you are not a healthcare provider and need a different course!

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Core4 Fundamentals On-Ice! in Geneseo, New York

This program utilizes advanced simulation, true-to-life injury scenarios, and comprehensive debriefing strategies to provide health care professionals with an educational experience that focuses on essential cognitive elements and psychomotor skills necessary to effectively manage the critically injured equipment-laden hockey player. The program features instructor led demonstrations, participant skills practice sessions, patient simulators, and instructor-led debriefing activities.