Thankfully, most have never experienced sports’ worst moment.  But for those of us who have, the moment comes with an awakening to the true nature of our profession.  It is within this moment that we become enlightened to the fact that we are responsible for much more than taping ankles and padding contusions for athletes playing games.  The games athletes play provide immeasurable lifelong benefits, but for some, one brief moment leads to devastating life-long consequences.  It is in this moment that we come to know that how well we have prepared for this moment may very well dictate the outcome for someone’s son, daughter, friend, teammate, mother, or father.  It is the primary role of every SMC employee to make sure the risk of devastating injury stays way down low in the weeds.

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Michael Cendoma

CEO/Director of Operations


Morgan Cendoma

Director of IT & Media


Amanda Shaw

Clinical Instructor

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Mandy Sheflin

Clinical Instructor

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Caitlin Loftus

Clinical Instructor


Benjamin Gabriel

Clinical Instructor


David Leven

Training Center Coordinator


Mark Monteleone

Business Operations