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Morgan Cendoma



Ext. 405

Morgan has been an irreplaceable part of the SMC team since 2013, but his true value was proven as a member of the COVID simulation team.  Morgan was able to repurpose existing SMC technology to piece together a network that was able to livestream advanced medical simulation and team debriefing activities to the National Football League when it looked like pandemic restrictions would leave them without an option for effectively completing their required emergency action plan training.  SMC had the knowledge and expertise, but without the delivery mechanism designed by Morgan, SMC and the NFL would be in a different place.   Morgan is also principally charged with the very challenging task of managing the company’s mobile patient simulation program, which requires maintenance of multiple Hi-Fi patient simulation networks during on-location training for the company’s most demanding elite medical teams.  During the off-season, Morgan produces Skull Sessions®, the company’s sports emergency care podcast, and directs all the company’s media initiatives.  Morgan’s early work with SMC is featured as ancillary materials in the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons textbook on sports injury management.  Morgan’s most recent work is hidden in the walls of SMC’s elite sports emergency care training center.  Morgan designed, built, and installed  SMC’s vast network infrastructure that is the backbone of SMC’s simulation, production, and communications capabilities.

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