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Mike Cendoma




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Mr. Cendoma, a certified athletic trainer since 1991, has served as the CEO and Director of Operations at Sports Medicine Concepts’ since founding the company in 1995.  Mr. Cendoma’s primary responsibility is ongoing oversight of the company’s 11,000 sq. ft. Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Facility where he oversees development of simulation training that emphasizes interdisciplinary team dynamics and collaboration to achieve optimal psychomotor skill performance.  Mr. Cendoma also oversees the SMC’s In 2Min or Less!® sports emergency care and Concussion Management Specialist curricula, is the principal developer of TeamEMSoft®, the company’s emergency action planning software platform, and oversees ongoing development of the FMxtractor, a device he first patented in 1998.  Under Mr. Cendoma’s watch, SMC’s simulation training and services have become the foundation on which the most demanding  medical teams rely to inform their emergency care training and emergency action planning, including the NFL, USA Olympic and Paralympic Sports Medicine, the armed forces academies, major colleges, outreach clinics, and institutions of higher education. Mr. Cendoma dedicates much of his professional practice to improving outcomes for critically injured athletes by focusing on true-to-life simulation training that uses best practice standards and performance benchmarking to ensure the highest standards of performance are attained during management of sports’ worst moments.  Mr. Cendoma’s work has been recognized by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association for Best Educational Software in 2003, the Journal of Athletic Training in 2004 for Outstanding Non-Research Manuscript, the 2015 Journal of Athletic Training Kenneth L. Knight Award for the Outstanding Research Manuscript, and most recently a Certificate of Appreciation from the Professional Football Athletic Trainers’ Association for his work in preparing medical teams to properly care for critical injuries in the NFL.  A truly dedicated and traditional athletic trainer, Mr. Cendoma practices everything he preaches every day as the athletic trainer on the sidelines for a local high school in his hometown.

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