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EAP Program Development

Great Teams Are Built on Solid Foundations


A best practice emergency action plan is a standard of care that all medical providers agree on. Accounting for all the essential elements of a best practice emergency action plan program is a daunting task requiring many hours of oversight.  SMC’s proven 3-step process makes EAP creation and maintenance EASY:
  1. Create a new or review your existing EAP

  2. Customize your Core4 Experience

  3. Prepare your EAP for submission / distribution

SMC’s EAP Service Benefits!

  1. Reduce exposure to liability

  2. Improve health and safety

  3. Build confidence

  4. Independent review

  5. Facilitate engagement with EMS

SMC’s EAP Service Features!

  1. Educational resources

  2. Venue specific EAPs

  3. Visiting team posted placards

  4. Pre-event meeting guide

  5. Incident, training, and preparedness documentation

Engage with SMC now to review your EAP program needs!

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