Prepare to Respond |Flawlessly|

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The AHA’s Chain of Survival says that delivery of critical care within 4min of an accident significantly improves outcomes.  That is fine for the lay rescue, but as medical providers working in the athletic environment, we have a few distinct advantages.  

First, if an accident is going to happen, we know where it is going to happen; in the confines of the athletic venue.  

Second, we know who it is going to happen to; anyone of the athletes, coaches, or officials within the venue.  

Three, we know when it is going to happen; within the course of events.  And four, we have a good idea what is going to happen; every sport has injury trends and mechanisms that are more common within. 

Armed with this knowledge SMC holds that we should all be prepared for a |FLAWLESS| response within 2 min!  When we train to provide |FLAWLESS| response within 2Min, we have another 2Min to deal with response issues that inevitably surface during the organized chaos that is emergency response and still hit the vital 4Min Chain of Survival benchmark associated with improved outcomes.


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Geoff Kaplan ATC, LAT, PT, SCS, CSCS

"The course offered by Sports Medicine Concepts was extremely beneficial. It helped us make our process more efficient and run smoother. SMC did a great job looking at our process and helping us tweak it to make it the best it could be."

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Jason Bouton, ATC

"By far one of the best hands on courses an AT can take. Mike and his crew are top notch professionals. Well worth it!"

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Katie Spencer, ATC

"...best program out there to prepare athletic trainers for life-threatening situations. This past fall, I personally had an incident at a football game where I used the skills from the program to save an athlete's life..."