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Ice Hockey Match
Ice Hockey Game


SMC's Core 4 programming provides medical teams with advanced emergency response training. Our focus is on providing an experience that results in a measurable improvement in outcomes for critically injured athletes.



Cervical Spine Injury

- Develop a cognitive understanding of clinical criteria used to elude cervical spine injury. 

- Determine appropriateness of transport.

- Make appropriate clinical decisions regarding various safe handling maneuvers, including appropriateness and timing of equipment removal.

- Demonstrate appropriate coordination and choreography of critical care task completion.

- Develop leadership roles and expectations.

- Recognize the need for additional resources and establish effective communication for acquiring needed resources.


Truncal Trauma

- Understand risk mitigation and demonstrate effective team dynamics with the most appropriate team model.

- Understand and demonstrate delegation of roles during an emergency.

- Understand how leadership roles change when patients. decompensate. 

- Recognize the subtle signs and symptoms indicating the need for early transport.

- Understand the relationship between hypotension and decompensation.

Core4 Anchor

Isolated Head Trauma

- Early recognition of complications associated with isolated head trauma.

- Understand the complications of airway management due to isolated head trauma.

- Recognize the role of vital signs in early differential diagnosis

Improve interdisciplinary collaboration in the treatment of concurrent seizure.

- Establish leadership expectations regarding airway management and neurological care oversight.


Cardiac Arrest

- Learn and implement emergency action plan essentials associated with improved outcomes for patients, including coaches, players, and umpires.

- Demonstrate competency in performance of critical care tasks and resource allocation.

- Develop a cognitive understanding of interdisciplinary team dynamics that result in effective delivery of critical care.

- Develop approaches to effective high quality BLS care prior to the arrival of EMS. 


Scheduling for 2022 Coming Soon!

Hockey Goal


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